2011 Results

This summarises the results of the 2011 Epica awards.

Results summary

Epica 2011 winners

Group by: : Agency: : Year:
FilmNLWieden+Kennedy AmsterdamHeineken, "Open Your World" CampaignGP
PressCHLeo Burnett Schweiz AGSwiss Life, "Life's Turns In A Sentence" CampaignGP
OutdoorGBRainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&RLand Rover Defender, "Passport Stamps"GP
InteractiveSEJung von Matt StockholmMINI, "MINI Getaway"GP
CAT.01 Food
TVCGBSaatchi & SaatchiWall's Sausages, "Kitchen & "Garage"G
PREATDemner, Merlicek & BergmannJa! Natürlich Naturprodukte, "Design Classics"G
TVCBEOpenhereBicky, "Talking Ears" CampaignS
TVCFRLeo Burnett FranceCharal Meat, "The Ostriches" & "The Wolves"S
TVCGBRainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&RWarbutons Toastie/Farmhouse Loaves, "Celebration"S
TVCGBAbbott Mead Vickers BBDOHeinz, "Happy Birthday"B
TVCDEDDB Tribal Group & Heye & PartnerMcDonald's, "Package"B
TVCGBLeo Burnett LondonMcDonald's, "Go With the Flow"B
CAT.02 Confectionery & Snacks
TVCGBAbbott Mead Vickers BBDOPepsico Doritos, "Dips Desperado"G
PREFRCLM BBDOCelebrations, "Your Own Celebration" CampaignG
PREFRCLM BBDOSnickers, "Metamorphosis" CampaignS
TVCFRBETCMikado, "Even if You Shouldn't" CampaignB
CAT.03 Dairy Products
TVCGBStink (for Wieden+Kennedy, London)Lurpak, "Kitchen Odyssey"G
PREESLolaMagnum Art, "Magnum Art" CampaignG
POSCZYoung & Rubicam PragueActivia, "Hard to Digest Facts" CampaignS
CAT.04 Alcoholic Drinks
TVCNLWieden+Kennedy AmsterdamHeineken, "Open Your World" CampaignGP
TVCNLWieden+Kennedy AmsterdamHeineken, "Legendary Football - UCL Opera House"S
TVCGBAbbott Mead Vickers BBDOGuinness, "Made of More"S
TVCGBFold7Carlsberg, "Everest"S
TVCBGNOBLE GRAPHICSShumensko Beer, "The Bulgarian Social Network"S
TVCNLSelmoreBavaria Premium Beer, "Hugh Hefner"S
CAT.05 Non-Alcoholic Drinks
TVCFRMarcelContrex, "Contrexperience"G
POSFRFred & Farid ParisSchweppes, "Uma" CampaignG
TVCESVictor Enrique Suñer Santos (for M&V Valencia)Pepsi, "Numbers"S
TVCILACW GREY ISRAELSchweppes, "Cannibals"S
TVCGBMcCann ManchesterRed Label Tea, "Tea"S
TVCFRBETCEvian, "Baby Inside"B
TVCITPublicis ItalyBurn Energy Drink, "Never Extinguish"B
POSFRDDB ParisTropicana, "Tropicana Billboard Powered by Oranges"B
CAT.06 Communication Services
TVCGBSaatchi & SaatchiT-Mobile, "Welcome Back"G
PRETRTBWA\IstanbulTTNET, Pause Live Tv "King Kong"G
TVCGBCHI & PartnersTalkTalk, "Homes Within Homes"S
TVCNOKitchen Leo Burnett1888 (telephone directory), "The Brat - Hair"S
PREAEFP7/DXBBatelco, "Batelco Directory" CampaignS
POSAEFP7/DXBBatelco, "Batelco Directory" CampaignS
PRERUBBDO Russia GroupGoogle StreetView, "Power Station" & "Sexshop"S
TVCCHLeo Burnett Schweiz AGSunrise Telecommunication, "At the Movies"B
TVCSETBWA\ StockholmAdressändring (Swedish mail/postal services), "Love Swing"B
TVCSEKingCom Hem, "On Demand"B
TVCGBSaatchi & SaatchiT-Mobile, "Parking Ticket"B
TVCFRPublicis ConseilOrange Cineday, "Hussars"B
PRESKJANDL, marketing a reklamaWikipedia, "Don't Keep It to Yourself" CampaignB
CAT.07 Transport & Tourism
TVCNOLos&CoNettbus, "Whoever You Are"G
POSSEKingSJ Swedish Rail, "A Smarter Way to Travel" CampaignG
PREDEOgilvy & Mather WerbeagenturDeutsche Bahn AG (German Rail), "Germany Is Getting Smaller"S
POSDEOgilvy & Mather WerbeagenturDeutsche Bahn AG (German Rail), "Germany Is Getting Smaller"S
TVCDEOgilvy & Mather WerbeagenturDeutsche Bahn (German Rail), "The Boss Is Coming"B
TVCDEOgilvy & Mather WerbeagenturDeutsche Bahn (German Rail), "Travel Symphony"B
TVCDEOgilvy & Mather WerbeagenturDeutsche Bahn (German Rail), "Back Seat Holiday"B
TVCSEKingSJ Swedish Rail, "A Smarter Way to Travel" CampaignB
TVCSEFältman & Malmén + DraftfcbStockholm Arlanda Airport, "There’s Always a Good Reason to Travel"B
CAT.08 Retail Services
TVCGBMcCann ManchesterAldi, "Like Brands" CampaignG
PREGBDDB UKHarvey Nichols Winter Sale, "Window Shopping" CampaignG
TVCCHLeo Burnett Schweiz AGMicasa, "Names" PromotionS
POSDEGrabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbHIkea, "Ikea Store Opening"S
POSDEScholz & Friends BerlinCopyshop, "The Copied City" CampaignB
CAT.09 Financial Services
TVCNOTRYDnB NOR - Saving Services, "Finally Married"G
PRECHLeo Burnett Schweiz AGSwiss Life, "Life's Turns In A Sentence" CampaignGP
TVCUAOgilvy&Mather UkraineBank Forum, "Passion" & "Surprise"S
TVCFRFred & Farid ParisSociete Generale, "So Music" Credit CardS
PREUAOgilvy&Mather UkraineBank Forum, "Banking. Germany Style." CampaignS
PRESKWiktor Leo BurnettUnion Travel Insurance, "Truth Well Told" CampaignB
CAT.10 Public Interest
TVCIEOgilvy & Mather DublinISPCC (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), "I Can't Wait"G
POSNL180 AmsterdamSIRE, "Marked for Life" CampaignG
TVCFRBDDP & FilsSolidarités International, "Water & Ink"S
TVCNL180 AmsterdamSIRE, "Marked for Life"S
POSDEScholz & Friends BerlinBUND (Friends of the Earth Germany), "Time up, Life Over" CampaignS
PRESETBWA\ StockholmCancerfonden (The Swedish Cancer Society), "Survivors" CampaignS
PREESCONTRAPUNTO BBDOAmnesty International, ProtestS
PREAEMemac Ogilvy and Mather L.L.CReporters Without Borders, "Pixelated Truth" CampaignS
PREFROgilvy FranceWWF, "Red Tuna" CampaignS
POSFROgilvy FranceWWF, "Red Tuna" CampaignS
TVCFRWanda Productions (for La Chose)Amnesty International, "Projection"B
TVCGBAbbott Mead Vickers BBDOThe London Metropolitan Police, "Who Killed Deon?"B
TVCFIHavas Worldwide HelsinkiThe Fragile Childhood (Lasinen Lapsuus), "Voice for a Child"B
POSNLLemzStichting Consument Veiligheid & VWA, "Children See Things Differently"B
POSSIPristopAmnesty International Slovenia, "Plug Right"B
CAT.11 Home Electronics & Audiovisual Equipment
TVCGBGrey LondonSony, "Two Worlds"G
PREATDemner, Merlicek & BergmannLeica Shop, "Face Recognition" CampaignG
PRETRTBWA\IstanbulBEKO, "The Recorded Contents" CampaignB
CAT.12 Homes, Furnishings & Appliances
TVCDEServiceplan GruppeSantec Video Surveillance, "Santec Prison"G
POSTRDDB&Co IstanbulDANK Second Hand Furniture Store, "History Is for Free" CampaignG
TVCCHwalkerPfister, "The Dinner"S
CAT.13 Household Maintenance
TVCILEuro RSCG IsraelColon 101, "Colon 101"G
PREDEServiceplan GruppeFaber-Castell True Colours, "True Colours" CampaignG
POSSELowe BrindforsAlcro - Paint Manufacturer, "Colour Tackle"B
PRETRTHEArya Tempo Paper Towel, "Superabsorbent Paper Towel"B
CAT.14 Beauty Products & Services
TVCFRTBWA\ParisDior, "J'Adore"G
PRETRConceptPilates With Gerda, "Pilates With Gerda" CampaignG
TVCDEBBDO GermanyBraun / Satin Hair 5 Multistyler, "Hairmoticons"S
PRECHAdvico Y&R (Y&R Switzerland)Migros Genossenschafts-Bund, "Precious Hair" CampaignS
POSCHPublicis Communications SchweizGarnier, Ultra Lift, "Forever Young"B
CAT.15 Toiletries & Health Care
TVCSEForsman & BodenforsApoteket (Pharmacy of Sweden), "Stomac Test" CampaignG
TVCFRHEREZIEEssilor - Optifog Lenses, "Foggy Moments"S
TVCCHSaatchi & Saatchi SwitzerlandOtrivin, "You Look Dumber when Your Mouth's Open"S
PREAEIMPACT BBDO DUBAIBraun, "Monkey", "Squirrel" & "Chick"S
TVCNOLos&CoAsan Trippel Shower, "Shower Like a Man"B
TVCDEKolle RebbeStop the Water While Using Me!, "Stop the Water While Using Me!"B
TVCUSSaatchi & Saatchi New YorkPampers, "Miracles"B
PRERUBBDO Russia GroupAspirin, "Before & After" CampaignB
PRERUBBDO Russia GroupBayer Nazol, "Smells of the World" CampaignB
CAT.16 Clothing & Fabrics
TVCFRFred & Farid ParisQuechua, "We All Need Warmth"G
PREFRFred & Farid ParisWrangler, "Stunt" CampaignG
POSFRHavas 360Happy Boxers, "Partnership" CampaignB
CAT.17 Footwear & Personal Accessories
TVCNLWieden+Kennedy AmsterdamNike, "Write the Future"G
PREFRCLM BBDOTAG Heuer, "Precision" CampaignG
PREDEGrey Worldwide GmbHDeichmann Graceland, "High Heels" CampaignS
PRECHJung von Matt / LimmatVögele Shoes, "Box Models" CampaignS
CAT.18 Automobiles
TVCCHRuf Lanz Werbeagentur AGHyundai, "Approved by VW Chairman"G
POSGBRainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&RLand Rover Defender, "Passport Stamps"GP
TVCFRHCitroën Promotional Campaign, "Bip Bip"S
TVCNLDDB & Tribal AmsterdamOld Lady, "Old Lady"S
TVCFRPublicis ConseilRenault ZE Electric Life, "Electric Life"S
PRESEForsman & BodenforsVolvo, "Pedestrian"S
PREDEGrabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbHVW Polo BlueMotion, "Ocean"S
TVCFRHCitroën DS4, "Baby"B
TVCFRH & Euro RSCG MadridCitroën C5, "Work for Nothing"B
TVCNLBSUR AgencyMINI Coupé, "Another Day. Another Adventure. - Hitchhiker"B
TVCNLBSUR AgencyMINI Family Range, "Mini vs Monster"B
PREDEOgilvy & Mather Werbeagenturus-mobile.de, "Offroad? What Offroad?" CampaignB
POSSEForsman & BodenforsVolvo, "Volvo XC Travels" CampaignB
PREDEGrabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbHVW Phaeton, "Cubism" CampaignB
CAT.19 Automotive & Accessories
TVCDEServiceplan GruppeBMW Lane Departure Warning, "Heads"G
PREDEDDB Tribal GroupVolkswagen Side Assist, "Early Warning" CampaignG
TVCTRLeo Burnett - IstanbulFiat Ducato, "26"B
PREDEGrabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbHVolkswagen Rear Assist, "All-round Safety" CampaignB
POSDEGrabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbHVolkswagen Rear Assist, "All-round Safety" CampaignB
CAT.20 Media
TVCCHAdvico Y&R (Y&R Switzerland)SonntagsZeitung, "Peace Talks"G
PREFRBETCCANAL+, "Movie Flowcharts" CampaignG
TVCSEKingExpressen, "RevealingNews"S
TVCDEHavas Worldwide Duesseldorf GmbHn-tv The News Channel, "Nothing Moves You More Than Reality"S
TVCIT1861unitedSky Sport , "Miracles"S
PREIT1861unitedSKY Sport, "Miracles" CampaignS
POSFRYoung & Rubicam ParisL'Etudiant, "L'Etudiant.fr" CampaignS
PREGBCHI & PartnersThe Sunday Times Rich List 2011, "Rich List" CampaignB
POSIEchemistryThe Irish Examiner, "The Irish Examiner" CampaignB
POSSEForsman & BodenforsGöteborgs-Posten, "A World-Class Local" CampaignB
CAT.21 Recreation & Leisure
TVCFROgilvy FranceScrabble, "Block Project"G
PRECHRuf Lanz Werbeagentur AGLucerne Classical Music Festival, "Emergency Exits"G
TVCFRPublicis ConseilPMU, "The Jockeys Are Back!"S
PREDEServiceplan GruppeLego, "Builders of Tomorrow" CampaignS
PREFRPublicis ConseilSooruz, "Jump" CampaignS
TVCDELeagas Delaney HamburgDeutsches Schaupspielhaus in Hamburg, "Hail of Criticism"B
TVCFRFred & Farid ParisOxylane - B'Twin, "Everywhere"B
TVCGBLeo Burnett LondonBFI's London Film Festival, "Dialogue"B
PRESETBWA\ StockholmOddset, "All You Need Is an Opinion" CampaignB
PREITYoung & Rubicam Group ItaliaProfondo Rosso Store/Museum, "Horror" CampaignB
CAT.22 Professional Products
POSDEScholz & Friends BerlinSTIHL, "Warriors" CampaignG
PREDEkempertrautmannedding, "Wall of Fame" CampaignB
CAT.23 Professional Services
TVCRONEXT AdvertisingIQads.ro, "Jealousy"G
PRESEAbby NormKvällspressen Impact, "A Really Unalternative Media" CampaignG
TVCGBAcross The Pond Productions (Google Creative Lab)Google Analytics , "Online Checkout - In Real Life"S
TVCDEGrabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbHjobsintown.de, "Fisherman"S
TVCAEMemac Ogilvy and Mather L.L.CBerlitz Language Centre, "Google Translates" CampaignB
POSAEFP7/DXBBerlitz Language School, "UFO" CampaignB
PRECHRuf Lanz Werbeagentur AGOekopool, "Oekopool" CampaignB
PRECHWirz BBDOSmall World Travel Agency, "Small World" CampaignB
CAT.24 Corporate Image
TVCNOLos&CoNettbus, "Whoever You Are"G
PIEDEHEIMAT, BerlinCNN International, "The CNN Mirrorlakes"G
TVCDEHEIMAT, BerlinHornbach DIY/ Home Improvement Superstores, "Every Change Needs a Beginning"S
TVCFRPublicis ConseilRenault ZE, "Electric Life"S
DMSECP+B ScandinaviaKOMM, "Awards Rejudged"S
TVCFRPublicis ConseilOrange Cineday, "Hussars"B
POSDEServiceplan Gruppeserviceplan campaign hamburg, "Posters of Passion" CampaignB
CAT.25 Prescription Products & Services
PRECHY&R Group Switzerland AGPhonak, "Spice" CampaignG
CAT.26 Radio Advertising
RANOMcCann ASMaarud Popcorn, "Micropop" CampaignG
RABELeo Burnett BrusselsFiat 500 Cabrio, "Fiat Cabrio Days Prank Call" CampaignS
RADEGrabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbHModern Music School, "Talent" CampaignS
RAATDemner, Merlicek & BergmannA1 Telekom Austria, "Gugl" CampaignB
CAT.27 Consumer Direct
DMSEJung von Matt StockholmMINI, "MINI Getaway"GP
DMTRRabarbaGaranti Bank, "The Last Person on Earth Who Doesn't Use Online Banking"S
DMDEServiceplan GruppeLEGO, "Builders of Infinity"S
DMRUVoskhod100 000 Books, "Books Fresheners"B
DMFRBuzzmanBic Flex 3, "WTF! Insane Human Curling"B
DMSEForsman & BodenforsAMF, "Send a Message to the Future"B
DMSEÅkestam HolstThe Swedish Post, "Living Christmas Cards"B
DMSEÅkestam HolstThe Swedish Post, "The Sound of Green"B
CAT.28 Business to Business Direct
DMDEScholz & Friends HamburgScholz & Friends Hamburg Recruiting, "Pizza Digitale"G
MIDETBWA\DüsseldorfTBWA, "TBWA Recruiting - Hijack the Wall of Fame"S
DMNOFasettBIS Industrier, "Love, Mum"S
DMNLN=5Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, "Online Guerrilla"B
DMDEServiceplan GruppePencil Heads, "Pencil Heads"B
PREDEGrabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbHWIENERS + WIENERS, "Self Translating Email"B
CAT.29 Media Innovation - Traditional Media
MIDEkempertrautmannedding, "Edding Digital Highlighter"G
MIDETBWA\ Germany Groupadidas, "Game Faces"S
DMDEInterone GmbHSunny Cars, "The Rain Promotion"S
PIEFRDDB ParisTropicana, "Tropicana Billboard Powered by Oranges"S
MIFROgilvy FrancePerrier, "Le Club Perrier"S
MINLLemzIKEA, "IKEA 365 campaign"S
MIDEGrabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbHVolkswagen Side Assist, "Safe for Work" (Microsite)S
MIILShalmor Avnon AmichayAids Awarness, The Aids Task Force - The "Get Tested Project"B
MIILShalmor Avnon AmichayStrauss, "All Names in the Country Share the Logo"B
MISELowe BrindforsMagnum Ice Cream, "Pleasure Hunt"B
MIGBMcCann BirminghamVauxhall Astra GTC, "St George"B
MISEForsman & BodenforsIKEA, "Lullabies"B
CAT.30 Media Innovation - Alternative Media
MIDEBBDO GermanyWrigley's Extra, "Mint Parking Ticket"G
MISESCP GöteborgPrimärvården Göteborg, "Sneeze Box"S
MINOAnorak & Haaland Eidsvåg & Strøm Kaizers Orchestra, "Heartbreaker"S
MIDEkempertrautmannedding, "Wall of Fame"S
POSDEScholz & Friends BerlinCopyshop, "The Copied City" CampaignS
MINLTribal DDB AmsterdamPhilips Audio Range, "Philips Obsessed With Sound - Hear Every Detail"S
PIEFRDDB Parisvoyages-sncf.com, "The Escape Machine"S
MIDEScholz & Friends HamburgScholz & Friends Hamburg, "Pizza Digitale" Recruiting CampaignS
MIITLeo Burnett CompanySamsung - Washing Machine, "Naked Staues"S
MIFROgilvy FranceScrabble, "Block Project"S
MIDEServiceplan GruppePattex, "Pattex Crane"S
MIFRMarcelContrex, "Contrexperience"S
BCSEDDB StockholmVolkswagen Sweden, "The Speed Camera Lottery"S
PIEDETBWA\ Germany Group & CHE*CHEABSOLUT Vodka, "MADE - Weird Reality"B
DMSEPoolHertz Dog Cages, "Give the Dog a Bone"B
MISESaatchi & Saatchi StockholmAriel Actilift, "Ariel Fashion Shoot"B
MIITYoung & Rubicam Group ItaliaMicrosoft, "Pirate Inside"B
DMPLEuro RSCG WarsawThe Polish Federation of Cancer Survivors, "What a Person Can Miss the Machine Will Find"B
MIDEServiceplan GruppeLEGO, "The LEGO Stereoscope"B
CAT.31 Social Networks
DMSEForsman & BodenforsREEBOK, "The Promise Keeper"G
DMCHJung von Matt / LimmatGraubünden Ferien, "Application for Citizenship"S
BCCZHavas Worldwide PragueAmnesty International, "Stones for Sakineh"S
BCNLLemzKLM Royal Dutch Airlines, "KLM Live Reply"S
MISEForsman & BodenforsIKEA, "Fashion Award"S
MISEForsman & BodenforsIKEA, "Lullabies"S
BCGBWork ClubBallantine's Whisky, "Human API"B
MISEINGOUnited Nations Association, "UNA - Unselfish Status"B
BCGBSapientNitroFoot Locker, "Sneakerpedia"B
CAT.32 Mobile Communications
MISEJung von Matt StockholmMINI, "MINI Getaway"S
MISECP+B ScandinaviaABBA Seafood, "Kalles Egg Timer"S
BCDEScholz & Friends BerlinScholz & Friends - Employee Loyalty and Corporate Image, "Me & Friends"S
DMDEServiceplan GruppeThe Global Fund, "Heartbeats"S
BCDEBBDO GermanyBBDO Germany, "The Interactive Coal-Gate"B
DMFRLa ChoseAmnesty International, "Bulletproof"B
BCSEForsman & BodenforsCOMVIQ, "Single, Single Release"B
BCGBAKQAHeineken, "Heineken Star Player"B
PIEGBDDB UKBudweiser, "Budweiser Ice Cold Index"B
DMFRPublicis Conseil & MarcelRenault Espace, "Espace 360"B
CAT.33 Branded Entertainment
BCGBGrey LondonBritish Heart Foundation, "Angina Monologues"G
BCFROgilvy FrancePerrier, "Le Club Perrier"S
BCNOMediafront / McCannWIDERØE Airlines, "A Summer Without Rain"S
PIESEESTERLAFA, The Stockholm County Aids Prevention Program, "The Sex Profile"S
BCGBAbbott Mead Vickers BBDOWrigleys, "The Nightjar"B
BCSELowe BrindforsMagnum Ice Cream, "Pleasure Hunt"B
BCFRKids Love JetlagOrangina, "Serial Tackler"B
MISEForsman & BodenforsVOLVO, "XC TRAVELS"B
BCGBAbbott Mead Vickers BBDODoritos Dips, "Desperado"B
CAT.34 Public Relations
BCDEServiceplan GruppeSKY, "SKY Football Opera"G
PIEFROgilvy FranceEuropcar/Autoliberté, "Crush Hour"S
PRDEGrabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbHExit, "Trojan Shirt"S
PIEESBungalow25Sony Pictures, "Smurf Village"B
PRNOTRY & APT Advertising AgencyFINN.no, "FINNland – The Smallest Country in the World"B
DMBELDV Kia 7 Year Warranty, "KIA CEO Hooked up to a Lie Detector"B
PIEDEkempertrautmannDeutschland Findet Euch, "Germany Will Find You"B
PIENOTRY & APT Advertising AgencyAschehoug Doctor Proctor, "Doctor Proctor"B
PRSEForsman & BodenforsAMF, "Send a Message to the Future"B
CAT.35 Promotions & Activation
PIECHLeo Burnett Schweiz AGMicasa, "Names" PromotionG
PIESEJung von Matt StockholmMINI, "MINI Getaway"S
PRNOTRY & APT Advertising AgencyMacks Brewery, The "Fuck-You-International-Beer-Producing-Assholes" CampaignS
PIENOTRY & APT Advertising AgencyVolkswagen Golf BlueMotion, "BlueMotion Roulette"S
PRROMcCann EricksonRom, "American Rom"S
PRLBLeo Burnett BeirutBPG, "Fake it All"B
CAT.36 Film Craft
TVCGBCHI & PartnersTalkTalk, "Homes Within Homes"G
TVCDEOgilvy & Mather WerbeagenturDKV (German Health Insurance), "Very Angry Neighbour"S
TVCFRBDDP & FilsSolidarités International, "Water & Ink"S
TVCFRPublicis ConseilOrange Cineday, "Hussars"S
TVCFRWanda Productions (for UBISOFT)Raving Rabbids, "E3"S
TVCSESCP GöteborgGöteborg International Film Festival, "Göteborg International Film Festival Vignette Film"S
TVCGBGorgeous (for BBDO New York)AT&T, "Entertainment"S
TVCDEGroup.IE Gesellschaft für Identity Engineering mbHALDAR Properties PJSC + Ferrari SPA, "Coppa di Sicilia"S
TVCFROgilvy FranceMattel/Scrabble, "Block Project"S
TVCFRBLUERenault, "A Whirlwind of Change"S
TVCFRTBWA\ParisDior, "J'Adore"S
TVCFRWanda Productions (for TBWA\G1 & TBWA\Paris) Nissan Juke, "Stay Awake"B
TVCNLOgilvy AmsterdamOrange Babies, "The Fight"B
TVCGBGorgeous (for Fallon London)Orange, "Popcorn"B
TVCNLBSUR AgencyMINI Coupé, "Sunday in Rio (Carnival)"B
TVCFRQUAD PRODUCTIONS (for Marcel)Sequoia Organic & Natural Market, "Snail", "Mantis" & "Skunk"B
TVCGBNexus Productions (for CAA & Chipotle)Chipotle Mexican Grill, "Back to the Start"B
CAT.37 Print Craft
PREAEFP7/DXBBatelco, "Batelco Directory" CampaignG
PRECHY&R Group Switzerland AGPhonak, "Spice" CampaignS
POSCHY&R Group Switzerland AGPhonak, "Spice" CampaignS
PREFRPublicis ConseilSooruz, "Jump" CampaignS
PREGBRainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&RLand Rover Defender, "Passport Stamps"S
PRESESCP GöteborgGöteborg International Film Festival, "Göteborg International Film Festival Ad"B
PRERULeo Burnett MoscowLEGO, "Make It" CampaignB
CAT.38 Advertising Photography
PHFRFred & Farid ParisWrangler, "Stunt" CampaignG
PHAEIMPACT BBDO DUBAIBRAUN, "Monkey", "Squirrel" & "Chick"S
PHFRFred & Farid ParisSchweppes, "Uma" CampaignS
PRESEForsman & BodenforsVOLVO, "VOLVO XC TRAVELS" CampaignS
PREGBAbbott Mead Vickers BBDOLondon Borough of Tower Hamlets, Road Safety CampaignB
PHESLolaMagum Art, "Magnum Art" CampaignB
PREFRPublicis ConseilNestle Menier Old Days, "Old Days" CampaignB
CAT.39 Illustration
GDDEKNSK WerbeagenturWMF Peelers Magazine, "WMF Peelers" CampaignG
PREDEScholz & Friends BerlinBUND (Friends of the Earth Germany), "Time up, Life Over" CampaignS
GDDEScholz & Friends BerlinSTIHL Chainsaws, "Warriors" CampaignS
PREDEkempertrautmannedding, "Wall of Fame" CampaignS
GDDEOgilvy & Mather WerbeagenturIBM, "DATAISM. The Unknown Artists"S
PREFRPublicis ConseilSooruz, "Jump" CampaignS
GDDEOgilvy & Mather WerbeagenturOgilvy Germany, "How to Magazine/Series Neuromarketing"B
POSFI358 HelsinkiHeineken, "Tastebuddies" CampaignB
CAT.40 Graphic Design
POSFRHavas 04Monoprix, "Not Your Everyday Everyday" CampaignG
GDDEkempertrautmannPhilharmoniker Hamburg, "A Sound Logo - Inspired by Hamburg"G
GDDEOgilvy & Mather AdvertisingAbtei Ginkgo Plus, "The Red-Thread-Book"S
GDDEKNSK WerbeagenturWMF Peelers, "WMF Peelers"S
POSDEScholz & Friends BerlinLoewe , "Loewe 3D" CampaignS
PACRUDepot WPFDizao Organics Skin Care Products, Packaging GraphicsS
PACDEKolle RebbeStop the Water While Using Me, "Packaging Design"B
GDFIBond Creative AgencyPINO, "PINO Corporate Identity"B
CAT.41 Publication Design
GDDEOgilvy & Mather AdvertisingAbtei Ginkgo Plus, "The Red-Thread-Book"G
GDUAGraphic Design Studio by Yurko GutsulyakGraphic Design (Self-promotion), "Trash Calendar"S
GDDEOgilvy & Mather WerbeagenturOgilvy Germany, "How to Magazine/The Black Issue"B
GDDEScholz & Friends BerlinFrankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, "The First Page Calendar"B
PUBDEserviceplan health & lifeAOK Health Insurance, "The Non-Smokers Art Calendar"B
CAT.42 Packaging Design
PACDEScholz & Friends BerlinFestina Profundo, "The Diver’s Watch in Water Packaging"G
PACDEKolle RebbeThe Deli Garage, "Brickstones"S
PACDEKolle RebbeThe Deli Garage, "Food Paint Shop"S
PACDEKolle RebbeThe Deli Garage, "Parmesan Pencils"S
PACDEkempertrautmann & lovedGörtz 17, "Görtz 17 Shoelace Box"S
PACRUDepot WPFEcoBag, "EcoBag"B
PACRUDepot WPFDizao Organics Skin Care Products, Packaging GraphicsB
PACDKenvisionKohberg, "Support the Breasts"B
PACGRmousegraphicsOlive Oil, "100% Olive Oil"B
PACLTLOVEMADE IN IKI, "When People Dream of Tasty Bread"B
PACGBTurner DuckworthDiet Coke, Diet Coke Crop PackagingB
CAT.43 Consumer Internet Sites - Durables
INTDEOgilvy & Mather WerbeagenturMoto Waganari, "Directing Shadows"G
INTDEKKLD* Creative Agency for the Digital AgeMINI, "MINI Photo Box"S
INTDEkempertrautmannedding, "Wall of Fame"S
INTSEForsman & BodenforsREEBOK, "The Promise Keeper"S
INTSEForsman & BodenforsIKEA, "Fashion Award"S
INTSENaked Communications SwedenNike, "Be Zlatan"B
INTNOTRY & APT Advertising AgencyVolkswagen Golf BlueMotion, "BlueMotion Roulette"B
INTSEForsman & BodenforsVOLVO, "XC TRAVELS"B
INTSEÅkestam HolstPause Home Entertainment, "The Human Jukebox"B
CAT.44 Consumer Internet Sites - Non-Durables
INTSELowe BrindforsMagnum Ice Cream, "Pleasure Hunt"G
INTTRGrey IstanbulDiscrimination, "Human Piano"S
INTSEForsman & BodenforsAMF, "Send a Message to the Future"S
INTSESaatchi & Saatchi StockholmAriel Actilift, "Ariel Fashion Shoot"B
INTFRKids Love JetlagSchweppes, "Uma"B
INTSEForsman & BodenforsVästtrafik, "Tram Sightseeing"B
INTSEÅkestam HolstThe Swedish Post, "Living Christmas Cards"B
INTSEÅkestam HolstCarlsberg, "Unbottle Yourself"B
INTSEÅkestam HolstThe Swedish Post, "Voice Letter"B
CAT.45 Business to Business Internet Sites
INTGBRainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&RAward Calender Countdown website for Creative Industry , "T-Minus"G
CAT.46 Online Ads
INTNLMediaMonks (for Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett, Paris)The Desperados Experience, "The Desperados Experience"G
INTDEServiceplan GruppeLEGO, "Builders of Infinity"S
INTDEGrabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbHVolkswagen Side Assist, "Safe for Work (Banner)"S
INTFRHMennen Incident, "Mennen Incident"B
INTDEOgilvy & Mather WerbeagenturSony Playstation, "GT5 Profile Takeover"B
INTDEkempertrautmannedding, "edding Digital Highlighter"B
CAT.47 Online Films
INTNLWieden+Kennedy AmsterdamHeineken, "The Entrance Interactive Film"G
INTDEAndreas RothDirt Devil, "Exorcist"S
INTNLWieden+Kennedy AmsterdamHeineken, "Legendary Making of the Date"S
INTGBNexus Productions (for Venables, Bell & Partners, SF)Intel Core, "The Chase"S
INTCHLeo Burnett Schweiz AGSwitzerland Tourism, "Holidays Without Internet"B
INTGBAbbott Mead Vickers BBDODoritos, "Dips Desperado"B
INTGBAbbott Mead Vickers BBDOWrigleys, "The Nightjar"B
INTNLTribal DDB AmsterdamPhilips Audio Range, "Philips Obsessed With Sound - Hear Every Detail"B
INTFRDDB ParisTropicana, "Tropicana Billboard Powered by Oranges"B
INTNLLemzKLM Royal Dutch Airlines, "Live Reply"B
INTGBLBiSony Ericsson, "Sony Xperia Film"B
CAT.48 Integrated Campaigns
INCROMcCann EricksonRom, "American Rom"G
INCSEJung von Matt StockholmMINI, "Getaway Stockholm"S
INCDEkempertrautmannedding, "Wall of Fame"S
INCDEMarkenfilm (for Jung von Matt)Dortmund Concert Hall, "Dortmund Concert Milk"S
INCILShalmor Avnon AmichayTask Force On Human Trafficking, "Woman For Sale"B
INCDEKKLD* Creative Agency for the Digital AgeMINI, "MINI Photo Box"B
INCUAOgilvy&Mather UkraineBank Forum, "German Style"B
INCNLOgilvy AmsterdamTNT, "The Conversation Starts Here"B
INCNOAnorak & Haaland Eidsvåg & Strøm Kaizers Orchestra, "Heartbreaker"B
INCSESaatchi & Saatchi StockholmAriel Actilift, "Ariel Fashion Shoot"B
INCDEkempertrautmannGermany Will Find You, "Germany Will Find You"B
INCFRFred & Farid ParisWrangler, "Stunt"B
INCFROgilvy FranceEuropcar/Autoliberté, "Crush Hour"B