2012 Results

CAT 01 - Food (TVC)



Nando's Peri Peri Flame Grilled Chicken, "The Last Dictator Standing"01-04039-TVC

Agency (city): Black River FC, Johannesburg

Creative Director(s): Ahmed Tilly (ECD), Suhana Gordhan

Copywriter(s): Avish Gordhan, Lufuno Mavhhungu, Nhlanhla Ngcobo

Art Director(s): Mandie Van Der Merwe, Monde Siphamla

Production Company (& City): Bouffant, Johannesburg

Film Director(s): Dean Blumberg

Production Company Producer(s): Chanelle Critchfield, Melinda McDonald

Agency Producer(s): Iolanthe Grobler

Account Manager: Charlotte Pettifer

Strategic Planner: Gia Callinicos

Short explanation

Nando’s South Africa briefed us to promote two large meals for people to share during the festive season when families and friends spend time together. To show the benefit of the meals, we used a simple insight: no one should have to eat alone.

The creative execution was born from the events of 2011 – a year with major political uprisings and the end of many autocratic leaders. We focused on Robert Mugabe as the last dictator standing. Using our rendition of the iconic 1968 track, “Those were the days” by Mary Hopkin, we tell the story of Robert Mugabe’s happier days. He recalls the good times spent with other tyrants who have now either died or have been dispossessed of power. In the end, it is only Mugabe who sits alone at the big table with no friends.


2011 was quite a year. It saw the much-publicized fall of several notorious dictators.

Nando’s – a South African Peri-Peri chicken brand – asked us to create a Festive Season campaign.
Nando’s is known for its irreverent humour and its knack for social commentary. The festive season is a time for sharing meals with family and friends. Our campaign took this notion to the extreme.

This TV ad features Robert Mugabe, Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, PW Botha and Idi Amin lookalikes and takes you through a ridiculous memory sequence of the ‘good ol’ days’ with Mugabe frolicking around with his despotic mates.

After just seven days, the TV ad was pulled off air as the Client had received threats from Chipangano, Mugabe’s militant youth group.

Just 24 hours after posting the ad online, it received 91 000 YouTube hits. To date, the TV ad has received over 2 million combined YouTube views and the online competition alone resulted in 3 of Nando’s busiest sales days in December 2011.

The ad found a spot on the no.1 page on YouTube and captured the attention of major online newspapers like Huffington Post, Time, The Mail & Guardian and BBC amongst others. Stephen Fry also tweeted the ad to his 3 million plus followers.

But most importantly, the 2 advertised festive-season meals contributed 25% to overall sales and were the highest selling promotional meals during any festive season in the history of Nando's. Not only did we achieve our client’s objectives of creating talkability and beating the previous year’s sales, but we also gained $2 500 000 in earned media.