2012 Results

CAT 03 - Drinks (PRE)


Ogilvy & Mather Advertising (CHINA)

Coca-Cola, "Cokehands"03-01301-PRE

Agency (city): Ogilvy & Mather Advertising & Shanghai

Creative Director(s): Graham Fink/ Francis Wee

Art Director(s): Jonathan Mak Long

Illustrator(s): Jonathan Mak Long/ Eno Jin

Account Supervisor: Martin Murphy

Advertiser's Supervisor: Stephen Drummond

Planner: Mark Sinnock


The design consists of only two elements, the 'dynamic ribbon' and the 'contour bottle', both of which are part of the registered iconography of Coca-Cola.
Brought together they cleverly convey the brand spirit of sharing, friendship and happiness.
There is very little difference between the first sketch of the idea and the final design, that's how simple and iconic this particular piece is. If anything, the challenge in this case was not in enhancing or improving, but rather making sure all extraneous elements (such as a logo, or a tagline), were kept out of the final design.