2012 Results

CAT 03 - Drinks (PRE)

A coffee for optimists

Your cup is never half empty at McDonald’s, it seems. In fact it’s practically running over, as this Grand Prix Award-winning print ad from DDB Helsinki suggests.
There were more complex entries up for the top prize in the press category. More classic entries too. They all had their merits, hotly debated by the jury, but this planet-sized vision of a cup of java beat out the competition thanks to the simplicity of the idea and the brilliance of its execution.

What’s great about it, of course, is that it makes you look twice. The eye adjusts, you suddenly get the picture – and then you smile. Which is perfect, because making people smile is exactly what McDonald’s is all about.


DDB Helsinki (FINLAND)

McDonald's, "Large Coffee" Campaign
"Large Coffee - Morning" & "Large Coffee - Day"

Agency (city): DDB Helsinki

Creative Director(s): Vesa Tujunen

Copywriter(s): Vesa Tujunen

Art Director(s): Jukka Mannio

Photographer(s): Marjo Tokkari

Illustrator(s): Fake Graphics

Graphic Design: Antti Salminen

Account Director: Jarno Lindblom

Account Manager: Pia Eiro

Producer: Kirsi Pärni

Key Account Director: Niina Pankko, OMD Finland

Short explanation

Print ads for promoting McDonald's Large Coffee. Morning version and Day version published in the few biggest newspapers in Finland.