2012 Results

CAT 04 - Communication Services (TVC)


Publicis Conseil (FRANCE)

Orange 4G, "4G"04-00273-TVC

Agency (city): Publicis Conseil

Creative Director(s): Olivier Altmann

Copywriter(s): Marc Rosier

Art Director(s): Jean-Marc Tramoni, Julien Didier

Production Company (& City): Soixan7e Quin5e, Paris

Film Director(s): Jonathan Herman

Production Company Producer(s): Emmanuel Guiraud

Agency Producer(s): Marie Wallet, Felicie Crosnier, Maylis Pajot, Alice Pigeon

TV Producers: Pierre Marcus, Patrick Pauwels, Guillaume Delmas (WAM)

Post-production: Alain Le Borgne, Quentin Martin, Raimbaut Gaffier (WAM)


Post-production of sound: Laurent Favart, Boris Jeanne (WAM)

Advertiser's supervisor: Odile Roujol/Nicolas Guiramand/Quentin Delobelle/Isabelle Quinlan/Severin Cassan

Business Affairs: Carlos Serrano/Romain Busnel/Elodie Siliart

Short explanation

The creative principle of the campaign is to demonstrate that, with the very high-speed Orange
networks, communicate with others has never been so fast, fluid and intuitive : you can now
instantly download any kind of contents and communicate with the others in a very different and
original way.
The films feature 'Viva la Papa con Pomodoro', a soundtrack by Nino Rota and reinterpretad by
Rita Pavone.
They show a building romance between a young man and a beautiful girl in a restaurant. Their
conversation takes an unusual form as they download video, games, pictures, etc. to express
what they want to say and how they feel to one another.