2012 Results

CAT 04 - Communication Services (TVC)


Publicis Conseil (FRANCE)

Orange Intel, "The Kiss"04-03226-TVC

Agency (city): Publicis Conseil

Creative Director(s): Olivier Altmann

Copywriter(s): Marc Rosier

Art Director(s): Jean-Marc Tramoni/Julien Didier

Production Company (& City): Irene, Paris

Film Director(s): Mega Force

Production Company Producer(s): Guillaume De Bary

Agency Producer(s): Pierre Marcus/Guillaume Delmas (WAM)

Advertiser's supervisor: Odile Roujol/Nicolas Guiramand/Quentin Delobelle/Charlotte Bowrey/Jacek Luczak/Kari Lemiere/Elizabeth Broers/Isabelle Ferdane

Account Manager: Marie Wallet/Felicie Crosnier/Benjamin Delacroix/Remy Averna/Candice Corre

Sound Design: Laurent Favart/Boris Nicou (WAM)

Post-production: Alain Le Borgne/Quentin Martin/Raimbaut Gaffier (WAM)

CCO: Olivier Altmann

Short explanation

New Orange with Intel Inside® smartphone
« Surf as fast as you think ».
Orange launches in Europe the first Smartphone with an Intel Inside® processor.
To launch its new and extremely fast Smartphone with an Intel Inside® processor,
Orange and their agency, Publicis Conseil, imagined a story seen from the point of
view of two different people, a boy and a girl.
In the TV ad, the story takes place on a Saturday night, at a party in a loft apartment.
As the boy and the girl are about to kiss, time freezes. During a slow motion sequence
we can see the boy using his Smartphone to organize the wedding with the girl he
hasn't even kissed yet. This story is a demonstration of the extreme speed of this new
Smartphone with its new Intel Inside® processor and the high speed of the Orange