2012 Results

CAT 05 - Transport & Tourism (TVC)



Widerøe Airline, "Grandpa's Magic Trick"05-00933-TVC

Agency (city): McCann (Oslo)

Copywriter(s): Stein Simonsen

Art Director(s): Torstein Greni

Production Company (& City): 4 1/2 (Oslo)

Film Director(s): Marius Holst

Production Company Producer(s): Magnus Castracane

Agency Producer(s): Beril Holte Rasmussen

Agency Account Director: Janne Espevalen

Project Manager: Camilla von Borcke

DOP: John Andreas Andersen

Short explanation

On a remote Norwegian farm a little boy begs his grandfather to do it again… it being a magic trick he has perfected thanks to Widerøe, Norways first airline and its frequent flights to small towns and places all over Norway.The grandfather keeps resisting –until suddenly he begins furiously rubbing his hands together turns to one side, puts his hands to his mouth, and appears to blow out an airplane.