2012 Results

CAT 05 - Transport & Tourism (TVC)

Next stop: fame

This year’s Film Grand Prix is an epic tale of a journey by bus. Our Danish jury member tells us that it was conceived by one of the country’s youngest creative teams. It springs from an interesting insight: when you’re a kid, driving a bus sounds like a pretty cool job. As life goes on, however, buses begin to seem banal. Instead, you start dreaming of buying a Porsche.
The spot sets out to make the bus cool again. It does so with a funny, self-deprecating and extremely well-directed parody of a movie trailer, in which the bus and its driver take the starring roles. The passengers play their part by enthusing – one might even say over-enthusing – about the bus and its extraordinary features. Panoramic views, for example. Comfy seats. Hell, it even has its own lane.

Plenty of slow motion and one remarkable stunt complete the blockbuster ambience.

The spot was up against tough competition in the form of Cartier’s “Odyssey”, an elegant masterpiece with the crystalline perfection one might expect of a luxury brand. In a series of dreamlike sequences, it takes us around the world and back again.

But during a time of economic hardship, perhaps it’s not surprising that a jury of journalists chose reality over daydreams. Or at least, reality viewed through the prism of humour. “The Bus” is a film for the 99 percent. And while other spots in the competition had their fans, finally, everyone got on board.



Midttrafik, "The Bus"05-02631-TVC

Agency (city): Midttrafik Kommunikation + Thomas Falkenberg

Copywriter(s): Thomas Falkenberg

Production Company (& City): M2Film, Aarhus

Film Director(s): Marc Wilkins/RARE

Production Company Producer(s): Ronni Madsen & Jan P.

Short explanation

Taking the bus is cool again.