2012 Results

CAT 06 - Retail Services (POS)


Advertising Agency Voskhod (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)

Aziatage Pan-Asian Cafe, "Chopsticks Dragon"06-02219-POS

Agency (city): Voskhod, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Creative Director(s): Andrey Gubaydullin

Copywriter(s): Alexander Parkhomenko, Anton Kotovski, Andrey Chernay

Art Director(s): Vladislav Derevyannykh

Graphic Design: Dmitry Maslakov, Yana Akhmetshina

Production company: StreetArt agency

Short explanation

AZIATAGE pan-Asian café was about to open in Yekaterinburg city. We needed to attract the attention of city resident to the opening and to create a footfall at the first period of café working.

An art project was developed for the city’s central pedestrian street for the opening date - 8 March. This coincided with the Chinese Dragon Festival which is the day when, the legend has it, all wishes come true.
We encouraged everyone to get involved and gave the city a new landmark.
A board with 11,000 holes in it appeared near the cafe.
Chopsticks were handed out.
Having split the sticks, you pushed one into the board making a wish.
The other, branded, stick gives you a discount.
In just under 6 hours a dragon was born. It now advertises the cafe.

- Over 10,000 wishes made
- Free media of over $25,000
- Cafe full up during the campaign day – and thereafter
3019 people exchanged their chopsticks to reduction on dinner at Asiatage restaurant


Aziatage pan-asian cafe