2012 Results

CAT 06 - Retail Services (TVC)



de Bijenkorf Department Store, "Crazy Dance"06-02765-TVC

Agency (city): Selmore (Amsterdam)

Copywriter(s): Niels Westra

Art Director(s): Jakko Achterberg

Production Company (& City): Xsaga (Amsterdam)

Film Director(s): Clara Van Gool/Nanine Linning

Production Company Producer(s): Patrick Roubroeks (Creative Producer Xsaga)/Hein Scheffer (Line Producer Xsaga).

Agency Producer(s): Marga Bierema

Account Supervisor: Rina Verweij

Advertisor's Supervisor: Robert Bohemen/Bianca Koot

D.O.P: Nils Post

Editor: Kevin Whelan

Music: Sizzer

Sound Designer: Boon/Booy/The Ambassadors Sound

Choreography: Nanine Linning


The Three Crazy Days are starting up again! In the commercial, the viewers will witness a battle for a fashion item in the form of a specially choreographed dance. This elegant and artistic performance perfectly suits the image of this luxury department store.