2012 Results

CAT 07 - Financial Services (TVC)


DDB & Tribal Amsterdam (NETHERLANDS)

Centraal Beheer Achmea, "Speedboat"07-03085-TVC

Agency (city): DDB & Tribal Amsterdam

Creative Director(s): Joris Kuijpers/Dylan De Backer

Copywriter(s): Dylan De Backer

Art Director(s): Joris Kuijpers

Production Company (& City): Bonkers, Amsterdam

Film Director(s): Hein Mevissen

Production Company Producer(s): Jan Jinek, Saskia Kok

Agency Producer(s): Yuka Kambayashi

D.O.P. : Ueli Steiger

Editor: Martin Heijgelaar

Short explanation

In the new Centraal Beheer film, a young skipper tries to impress his female company, making this a boat trip that will never be forgotten.