2012 Results

CAT 07 - Financial Services (TVC)



DNB Bank, "The Treasure"07-03959-TVC

Agency (city): TRY/APT Advertising Agency

Copywriter(s): Janne Brenda Lyso

Art Director(s): Stian Johansen

Production Company (& City): Bacon OSL

Film Director(s): Martin Werner

Production Company Producer(s): Magne Lyngner

Account Supervisor: Monika Augustsson

Account Manager: Kristin Berge Jahr

Advertiser Supervisor: Kjetil Skogly

Short explanation

Hundreds of years ago some soldiers carrying a big treasure chest are being chased by pirates. They end up burring the treasure. In present time the treasure is found, by pure luck, by the girl which by, pure luck, ended up marrying George Clooney. Now she's on a perfect beach, with her perfect husband - finding a burried treasure.


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