2012 Results

CAT 08 - Homes, Furnishings & Appliances (TVC)


Havas Worldwide Tunisie (TUNISIA)

Protek, "Camera" Campaign
"Triumph" & "Stick"

Agency (city): Havas Worldwide Tunisia

Creative Director(s): Jean-François Fournon

Copywriter(s): Mehdi Klibi/Haythem Derbel

Art Director(s): Mehdi Klibi/Haythem Derbel

Production Company (& City): Not'Prod (Tunis)

Film Director(s): Mehdi Klibi

Production Company Producer(s): Makrem Abdellatif

Agency Producer(s): Yosr Hmam

Strategic Planner: Sara Zebouchi

Media: Karim Abdelkhalek/Hamza Bouallègue/Monji Bhouri

Media Partner: TWT TV Channel


Short explanation

Four dangerous guys holding knives and sticks are attacking a young man. They end up catching him and threatening him in the street. When one of the gangsters is keeping an eye on the neighbourhood, he suddenly notices the Protek surveillance camera. He runs quickly to alert his fellows while the victim is laid down on the ground. All of a sudden, the four guys change their behaviour and act as if they have done nothing. They carry the victim and throw him in the air as if they were celebrating a victory. They kiss him in front of the camera and run away.


Short explanation

Two young people on a scooter are driving around to find their victim. All of a sudden, they notice a young person speaking on the phone.
One of the two robbers runs towards the victim holding a big stick to aggress him. At the exact moment when the robber was about to attack the victim, he notices the camera and automatically changes his behaviour. He then starts dancing with the stick imitating ‘the dabka’, the Lebanese dance.


Protek is a Tunis based security services company for organizations and individuals that sells monitoring and security systems such as surveillance cameras.