2012 Results

CAT 08 - Homes, Furnishings & Appliances (PRE)


DDB Tribal Group (GERMANY)

Bosch NoFrost Technologie, "Icebergs" Campaign
"Iceberg 1", "Iceberg 2" & "Iceberg 3"

Agency (city): DDB Tribal Berlin

Creative Director(s): Bastian Meneses von Arnim, Daniel Bödeker

Copywriter(s): Daniel Bödeker, Mario Loncar

Art Director(s): Veit Moeller, Mario Loncar

Photographer(s): Szymon Plewa

Digital Artwork: Post Production/ Graphic: Michail Paderin

Account Manager: Britta Posner, Azade Toygar

Planner: Jonas Pöhlmann

Art Buyer: Susanne Kreft

Idea: Mario Loncar

Chief Creative Officer:: Eric Schoeffler

Short explanation


A simple yet convincing thought: If you have icebergs in your fridge they are missing somewhere else. Because wasted energy raises our output of carbon dioxide, which raises the temperature and causes the icebergs to melt. To dramatize this fact, we photographed frozen freezer compartments in a documentary look to make them appear like arctic landscapes.

Scale and location

The ads where published as photo spreads in newspapers and magazines. 2-5 pictures of icebergs where followed by the closure with the Bosch product and it’s benefit, revealing what at first sight seemed to be a beautiful arctic photo documentation. In addition we published posters and billboards.


Raise general awareness for the fact, that a new Bosch freezer with NoFrost-Technology saves a lot of energy and is good for the environment. Thanks to the NoFrost-Technology, that prevents ice build-up in the freezer compartment – unlike many common fridges. This saves energy in the long term, because most people do not defrost often enough. It’s an annoying task after all.