2012 Results

CAT 09 - Household Maintenance (POS)


Gitam BBDO Israel (ISRAEL)

Nikol Window Wipes, "Stop Using Newspapers" Campaign
"Sarkozy", "Obama" & "Elizabeth"

Agency (city): Gitam BBDO (Tel Aviv)

Copywriter(s): Tomer Abramovitch

Art Director(s): Noga Kara

Photographer(s): lior Nordman

Executive Creative Director: Danny Yakobowitch

Executive Account Manager: Elika Merhavi

Chief Creative Officer: Guy Bar

Account Manager: Idit Zemmer

Account Executive: Naeema Tahori

Production : Noga Sagi


Nikol is an Israeli company which provides innovative cleaning products and specializes in development of different kinds of disposable wet wipes. We were asked to create newspaper ads for Nikol's wet wipes, specially created for cleaning windows.

When we approached the brief we found out that people clean their windows with newspapers. We also found, that when the first addition of modern newspaper was published at the 1809, its purpose was to be read, not to clean windows with.

Idea and execution:
We searched for an interesting way to approach this insight, remind the newspaper readers the original purpose of newspapers and show them how inappropriate newspapers are for cleaning. And what is more inappropriate than taking all those very important people whose faces are printed in the newspaper and squash them against a window? Stop using newspapers for cleaning, it's not appropriate.