2012 Results

CAT 10 - Public Interest (TVC)


Ogilvy Beijing (CHINA)

PETA, "Skin"10-00986-TVC

Agency (city): Ogilvy Beijing

Creative Director(s): Graham Fink, Bill Chan, Kweichee Lam, Rain Yu

Copywriter(s): Kweichee Lam, Doug Schiff, Jackie Bai

Art Director(s): Rain Yu, Xinyan Liu

Production Company (& City): Camis Image, Crystal Education

Film Director(s): Rain Yu

Production Company Producer(s): Feng Gao, Yunsong Liu, Rong Ma, Ning Sun

Agency Producer(s): Jeff Wong

Photographer: Kai Chen

Illustrator: Xinyan Liu

Editorial Company: Camis Image

Editor: Sa Xiao

Lighting: Yu Liu

Animation: Feng Gao, Lucy Lee

Music: Band:The Heavy /Song: How You Like me now/ Record Company:Ninja Tune

Account: Henry Ho


This film has created a disturbing world where animals farm humans in order to wear their skin and display their other parts for the sake of fashion. In a world where humans don't see the vice in doing the same with other species, it asks the question, 'who's the animal?