2012 Results

CAT 10 - Public Interest (TVC)


Memac Ogilvy Label Tunisia (TUNISIA)

ATFD, "Women's Vote" Campaign
"Domestic Violence" & "Women and Work"

Agency (city): Memac Ogilvy Label, Tunis

Creative Director(s): Nicolas Courant

Copywriter(s): Ali Mokdad, Steve Hough, Asma Kanzari

Art Director(s): Gerald Heraud

Production Company (& City): Not'Prod, Tunis

Film Director(s): Xavier Mairesse

Production Company Producer(s): Ahmed Hassi, Makrem Abdellatif

Agency Producer(s): Moez Nemsi, Aziz M'Bazaia

Short explanation

A woman's voice is hacked by a male's voice. She feels really bad about it as the male's voice gives a sexist vision of how Tunisia should treat women. The film ends by this statement:
Don't let anyone take your voice / your vote. On October 23rd, go vote.
In Tunisian Arabic, voice and vote are the same word: soutek.
The film was aired 2 weeks before first Tunisian national elections. It was the first time films that promote Women's rights were aired on TV in a Muslim country.


ATFD Association Tunisienne des Femmes Démocrates is a non-profit organization that aims to promote women's rights in Tunisia