2012 Results

CAT 10 - Public Interest (TVC)


Forsman & Bodenfors (SWEDEN)

UNICEF, "Santa"10-02746-TVC

Agency (city): Forsman & Bodenfors

Copywriter(s): Marcus Hägglöf/Jacob Nelson

Art Director(s): Johanna Hofman-Bang

Production Company (& City): Acne Production (Stockholm)

Film Director(s): Tomas Skoging/Torbjörn Martin

Production Company Producer(s): Kalle Schröder

Agency Producer(s): Magnus Kennhed

Account Supervisor: Andreas Engstrand

Account Manager: Johanna Bringefält

Advertiser's Supervisor: Dicran Sarafian

DOP: Jallo Faber

Editor: Torbjörn Martin

Music: Artist/Title: Upright Music Scandinavia

Sound Design/Arrangement: Plop

Post Production: The Chimney Pot

Short explanation

Each Christmas, Unicef sell Christmas gifts in their webshop. Field products such as vaccine, medicine, nutrition and school material. The things you buy are sent to children in need, and you get a gift card to give to your friend. Our job was to promote these gifts. The biggest challange was to break through during the busiest and most commercial time of year. We needed something that would burst that Christmas bubble.Our solution was to fire up a debate, using a thought provoking film that explains the big inequities of the world. And there's no better example of inequity than Santa. In a TV spot, that was also put online, Santa explains he only deliver toys.


Unicef is the world's leading children's rights organization.