2012 Results

CAT 12 - Clothing, Footwear & Personal Accessories (PRE)


Leo Burnett Schweiz AG (SWITZERLAND)

Victorinox, "Fan Letters" Campaign
"Puschlav", "Galveston Bay", "Sydney", "Portland" & "Sulawesi"

Agency (city): Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett, Zurich

Creative Director(s): Martin Spillmann, Johannes Raggio, Pablo Schencke

Copywriter(s): Johannes Raggio, Diana Rossi

Art Director(s): Pablo Schencke

Photographer(s): Michael Nager, Ebo Fraterman

Art Buying: Suzana Kovacevic

Short explanation

There are only a few companies that regularly receive personal letters of appreciation from their customers. Victorinox is in this lucky situation. Over the decades, VICTORINOX fans from around the world have repeatedly thanked for the faithful service shown them by the famous pocket knife or windbreakers. So we've decided to make their fan letters into the actual campaign.


Pocket Knife/Accessories