2012 Results

CAT 12 - Clothing, Footwear & Personal Accessories (TVC)



World Gold Council, "Diwali"12-01113-TVC

Agency (city): BBH INDIA

Creative Director(s): Russell Barrett

Copywriter(s): Russell Barrett, Abhiruchi Chand

Art Director(s): Kunal Sawant

Production Company (& City): Ramesh Deo Productions

Film Director(s): Abhinay Deo

Production Company Producer(s): Apurba Sengupta

Agency Producer(s): Sushma Joseph

Executiev Creative Director: Russell Barrett

Short explanation

Diwali is India's biggest festival and it's customary and auspicious to buy gifts for the family during this time. Historically people bought gold during Diwali, but more and more consumers have started buying electronics and other household durables instead.
To revive the annual Diwali gold rush in 2011, our campaign highlighted a
simple insight - no purchase from past Diwalis would be as valuable as gold today. Thereby bringing gold back into the conversation and also reminding people, about both, the investment sense that buying gold makes and the emotional payoff of receiving gold as a gift.