2012 Results

CAT 12 - Clothing, Footwear & Personal Accessories (POS)


FABRICA & 72andSunny Amsterdam (ITALY)

Benetton, "Unhate" Campaign
"Palestine and Israel", "USA and Venezuela" & "Germany and France"

Agency (city): FABRICA (Treviso), in cooperation with 72andSunny (Amsterdam)

Creative Director(s): Erik Ravelo ( Executive Creative Director, FABRICA), Carlo Cavallone (72andSunny), Paulo Martins (72andSunny), Robert Nakata (72andSunny)

Copywriter(s): Carlo Cavallone (72andSunny)

Art Director(s): Paulo Martins (72andSunny), Robert Nakata (72andSunny)

Graphic Design: Wendy Richardson (72andSunny)


A global fashion brand, and one of the most well known in the world, United Colors of Benetton has an international style that combines color, quality and fashion.