2012 Results

CAT 12 - Clothing, Footwear & Personal Accessories (PRE)



Cam Baby Products, "Curiosity" Campaign
"Breathing Straws", "Candle Snow", "Squirrel Thiefs", "Star Blanket", "Tree Deer", "Mountain Pencils" & "Sleeping Car"

Agency (city): DLV BBDO Milan

Creative Director(s): Stefania Siani / Federico Pepe

Copywriter(s): Dennis Casale

Art Director(s): Matteo Pozzi

Illustrator(s): Davide Calluori


Cam, the child’s world is one of the most important companies for baby products in Italy.
The company sells, through Italy and abroad, pushchairs, highchairs, etc.
Children make a lot of questions and their answers are so incredibly fantastic. We came up with a simple creative concept (CuriOOsity) in which the children’s fantastic answers become the leading theme of our campaign.
The result was a imaginative, although realistic, vision of the world through children’s fantasy.