2012 Results

CAT 13 - Automobiles (POS)


Jung von Matt AG (GERMANY)

Daimler AG, "Look Twice"13-01494-POS

Agency (city): Jung von Matt (Hamburg)

Creative Director(s): Felix Fenz

Copywriter(s): Andreas Hilbig, david Wegener

Art Director(s): Alexander Norvilas, Michael Hess

Photographer(s): Klaus Merz

Typographers(s): Kürten & Lechner GmbH

Digital Artwork: Amina Warscheid, Marius Schwiegk

Chief Creative Director: Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, Jan Rexhausen

Executive Account Director: Raphael Brinkert, Sven Dörrenbächer

Account Manager: Julia Schreiber, Ann-Kathrin Geertz


Our aim was to explain how the Blind Spot Assist works, so that people would understand it at first sight. Since technically it is rather complex and hard to convey, we focused on the core feature: this Assist enables you to look straight ahead AND to the side at once.
The solution was to use an unseen optical illusion, that forces passser-bys to look twice. The person depicted seems to look straight ahead and to the side at once. A real eye-twister. How is that possible? Very simple. We just hat to combine a front-shot and a side-shot.
In such manner we can explain how people profit from the Blind Spot Assist without having to explain it verbally.