2012 Results

CAT 13 - Automobiles (TVC)



CITROEN C3, "Paris Rome"13-04124-TVC

Agency (city): H (Puteaux)

Creative Director(s): SCHER Gilbert, Venturelli Marco And Cinquepalmi Luca

Copywriter(s): Venturelli Marco

Art Director(s): Cinquepalmi Luca

Production Company (& City): Bandits (Suresnes)

Film Director(s): Lyon Scott

Production Company Producer(s): Dupuis-Mendel Philippe

Agency Producer(s): Thiery Christopher/Malet Julie

Music supervisor: DRAY Lionel

Short explanation

We see a Citroen C3 being refilled at a petrol station. The nozzle goes in and petrol
starts pumping. Cut on the view of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The image starts
rotating like a petrol pump display, showing a series of different road lanscapes.
Eventually it stops on the view of the Coliseum in Rome, which is 1.423 km away by
car. Cut back to the petrol station where filling is over.
A super appears : New C3 eHDI. Up to 1430 Km with a single tank.