2012 Results

CAT 14 - Automotive & Accessories (PRE)


Scholz & Friends Berlin GmbH (GERMANY)

Mercedes-Benz Transporter, "Danger Doesn't Announce Itself" Campaign
"Grandma", "Kids" & "Deer"

Agency (city): Scholz & Friends Berlin

Creative Director(s): Martin Pross, Matthias Spaetgens, Robert Krause

Copywriter(s): Christian Brandes

Art Director(s): Joerg Waschescio

Photographer(s): Alex Rank

Account Manager: Joseph Hoehnow, Anna Gabriel

Postproduction: F. A. Cesar

Art Buying: Kirsten Rendtel

Short explanation

Objective: Drivers have to be able to steer Mercedes-Benz transporters perfectly, even when they are fully loaded. Even if the driver has to swerve quickly, they should never lose control of the vehicle. Adaptive ESP makes sure this is the case in all Mercedes-Benz transporters. The goal was a solution that was as loud as possible, and had the aim of making the target group aware that safety is also the top priority when it comes to commercial transporters.

Concept: Given that dangerous situations aren’t announced publicly in advance, electronic swerving aids help drivers to stay in control of their vehicle, even when a nasty surprise occurs. We create awareness of this by illustrating the unlikely event, where an upcoming source of danger is actually announced on the radio and on posters.
In the same way that an event would be announced using classic promotional measures, a pensioner, a deer and playing children tell the listener, or the reader, when and where they will suddenly appear on the road concerned.

Target Audience: Craftsman