2012 Results

CAT 14 - Automotive & Accessories (PRE)



Mercedes-Benz Collison Prevention Assist, "Tree of Life"14-02421-PRE

Agency (city): BBDO Proximity Berlin GmbH

Art Director(s): Daniel Haschtmann

Graphic Design: Anne Herrmann

Creative/Managing Directors: David Mously, Jan Harbeck

Chief Creative Officer: Wolfgang Schneider (BBDO Germany GmbH)

Managing Director: Dirk Spakowski

Client Service Director: Sebastian Schlosser; Massimiliano Sacchetti (BBDO Italia)

Account Manager: Joris Jonker

Account Executive: Ann-Cathrin von Rechenberg, Nigel Gaehwiler (BBDO Worldwide)

Agency Producer: Markus Kuhn

Art Buying: Lynn Sutliff

Short explanation

The "Collison Prevention Assist" detects obstacle on the road, in order that they can be avoided in time. So that nothing gets in the way of a long and happy life.