2012 Results

CAT 15 - Media (TVC)


Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R (UNITED KINGDOM)

BBC One , "Wonderful World"15-03334-TVC

Agency (city): RKCR/Y&R-London

Creative Director(s): Mark Roalfe

Copywriter(s): Ted Heath

Art Director(s): Paul Angus

Production Company (& City): Red Bee Media -London

Film Director(s): Ted Heath & Paul Angus

Production Company Producer(s): Kate Woodhouse

Agency Producer(s): N/A

Editor: Thomas Ioannou

Short explanation

This trailer features the BBC’s David Attenborough as a voice-over.
As we hear his famously distinctive narration, we see the awe-inspiring shots of animals and nature that the corporation has broadcast over the years.
However, when edited together over the music, we slowly realise that the words form the recognisable lyrics to Louis Armstrong’s ‘Wonderful World.’

Aptly enough, we then see a caption that reads,

“It’s a Wonderful World, watch it with us. BBC1.”


At a time when Sir David Attenborough was due to make his last appearance on BBC One, we sought the opportunity to deliver a homage to the great man and remind the nation exactly what they love about the BBC. We used the stunning footage the NHU archive and asked Sir David to narrate the trail for us, by narrating the lyrics to wonderful world