2012 Results

CAT 15 - Media (TVC)



Canal Digital Norge, "The Man Who Lived in a Film"15-03938-TVC

Agency (city): Try/Apt

Copywriter(s): Lars Joachim Grimstad

Art Director(s): Egil Pay

Production Company (& City): One Big Happy Family

Film Director(s): Joachim Trier

Production Company Producer(s): Mone Mikkelsen and Helene Hovda Lunde

Account Manager: Marte Heiersted

Account Supervisor: Lars Mitlid


A man tells the story about these strange things that have started to happen to him
lately. More and more often he tends to end up in a movie scene. We see him
struggle with this in his everyday life: Suddenly there's a man tied up in his trunk,
while he hears music similar to 'The Godfather'. He goes for a run in the park, but
ends up in a scene from a Jane Austen movie, threatened with a 19th century gun.
And so on. Death (from Bergman) seeks him on a cafe, a taxi turns out to be a
Transformers robot, he is suddenly in the middle of an intimidating social realism
drama from the 70s, and in the end a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex shows up outside
his window.