2012 Results

CAT 16 - Recreation & Leisure (TVC)


Ogilvy & Mather GmbH (AUSTRIA)

Reed Exhibitions Messe Vienna, "Stratos Jump 1:350"16-03835-TVC

Agency (city): Ogilvy & Mather GmbH Vienna

Creative Director(s): Gerd Schulte Doeinghaus

Copywriter(s): Helge Haberzettl, Karin Schalko

Art Director(s): Gregor Ahman, Michael Kaiser

Production Company (& City): Balloonart Vienna Veranstaltungs GmbH

Production Company (& City): Sabotage Filmproduktion GmbH Vienna


14th of october 2014: The whole world was waiting for the start of the „Stratos Project“: Felix Baumgartner jumping from the edge of space. The whole project had been postponed for weeks again and again. Now the world desperately wanted to see pictures – and well, we provided them:

To promote the Model Makers Fair, we did the jump on our own – in the scale of 1:350.
And we put the whole film of our successful 122 meter-high-experiment on the internet, where it spreaded enourmosly from the first second, earning over eight million clicks on Youtube in just one week.