2012 Results

CAT 19 - Corporate Image (PR)


Isobar Poland (POLAND)

PolskieRadio.pl, "Touch the Sound"19-02912-PR

Agency (city): Hypermedia Sp. z o.o. Warszawa

Creative Director(s): Maciej Nowicki

Copywriter(s): Jan Cieślar

Art Director(s): Krzysztof Jagieło

Short explanation

To do that, we’ve printed out the most famous historical radio recordings with the revolutionary technology of 3D printing. To create a sound, that you can touch.

Mysterious teaser invitations for the event were aired on the national radio stations (eg. "Printing Voice" - beatbox simulation of printer sounds, or "Midas" about the mythical king who is forced by the music industry to turn bad songs into golden hits with his magical touch). Internet communication consisted of interactive banner and Facebook app that let people vote on their favourite recordings from the XX century. Some of them were important political speeches such as "I had a dream", some were funny, some touching, but each of them had it's own place in popular culture.

Results: We have created an unforgettable experience for thousand of visitors, who touched the sound for the first time in their life. Our event reinforced PolskieRadio.pl brand image as tech-savvy and culture oriented. Our idea already has been recognized - one of the sound waves, a recording of a troop crying out the well known poem "We demand ammunition", became exhibited in the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

Radio commercials were aired over 100 times on 4 national radio stations.
Interactive banner was seen over 1.000.000 times and gained CTR 0,48%.


PolskieRadio.pl is a news portal with the largest radio recordings database in Poland.

Polskie Radio Spółka Akcyjna (PR S.A.; English: Polish Radio) is Poland's national publicly funded radio broadcasting organization (Via. Wikipedia)