2012 Results

CAT 20 - Radio Advertising (RA)


Leo Burnett Germany (GERMANY)

Akustika Spezial, "Tini"20-00708-RA

Agency (city): Leo Burnett Frankfurt

Creative Director(s): Andreas Stalder, Ulf Henniger von Wallersbrunn, John Wilson

Copywriter(s): Mark-Marcel Mueller

Production Company (& City): A.R.T. Studios, Frankfurt

Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Pauli

Account Director: Carolin Boettcher


We hear a man talking fast, without any pause and without breathing. He
talks with an extremely high voice and keeps the same tone throughout the

Hello hello can anybody hear me of course you can because I’m ringing in
your ear my name is Tinnitus but my friends just call me Tinny at least
they would if I had any but it’s hard to have friends when you’re an
annoying hearing condition like a tiny little torture I just get inside
your head and then I talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and
talk until you want to pull your ears off and throw them out a window but
don’t try that because it actually won’t help in fact a much better thing
to do would be to go online to earringing.de and check out Akustika Spezial
in Frankfurt because they’re your best bet to find a way to shut – me – up.
After about two seconds of silence we hear a V/O in a normal and calm
V/O: To hear silence again, visit www.earringing.de