2012 Results

CAT 21 - Consumer Direct (DM)


Leo Burnett Brussels (BELGIUM)

The Reading Foundation, "Out Of Office Poetry"21-00081-DM

Agency (city): Leo Burnett Brussels

Creative Director(s): Tom Loockx, Jorrit Hermans

Copywriter(s): Joke Van Leeuwen, Stijn Vranken, Lies Van Gasse, Ester Naomi Perquin

Agency Producer(s): Veronique Allard

Graphic Design: BenoƮt Germeau

Short explanation

We offered poetry via a medium nobody ever thought of: the out of office reply. And by offering unique poems by famous writers, we created conversation and sharing value. Anyone who sent a mail to The Reading Foundation (or their partners, sponsors and amateurs) received an Out of Office Poem.
Like this we used an own free medium (mail), and our own product (poems) written by famous poets. Our target could easily copy and paste the poems from the reply mail or from the Poetry Day website to use or share. Which they did with thousands of users, creating conversation value through social and news media.


Each year The Reading Foundation organizes Poetry Day. As a cultural organisation The Reading Foundation is very tight on production budget (800 euros). On top they wanted to communicate an event that is often perceived as dull and difficult by the big audience. The general public considers poetry as incrowd-ish, intellectual and not entertaining at all.
How can we make poetry hot, fresh and young? How can we draw maximum attention to Poetry Day knowing that we only have 800 euros to produce anything? How can we offer something to our target that changes their perception and behaviour towards poetry? With Out of Office Poetry.