2012 Results

CAT 21 - Consumer Direct (DM)


Leo Burnett (INDIA)

Door Step School, "Ink Pad"21-01255-DM

Agency (city): Leo Burnett, Mumbai

Creative Director(s): K V Sridhar, Nitesh Tiwari, Vikram Pandey

Art Director(s): Amit Thakur

Photographer(s): Kevin Periera, Mugdha Gudhe

Ink-Pad Fabricator: Bhaarat Godbole


Door Step School is an NGO that sets up camps in and around the residence of the
underprivileged section of the society and runs literacy programs.

In India, when it comes to signing on official documents, the thumb impression is a common
alternative exercised by illiterate adults.
Using design we turned the symbol of illiteracy into a tool to write.
A transparent sheet with cut-outs of the alphabets of Hindi (devanagari script) was placed on
top of a regular ink pad. This allowed individuals to print their name, using the familiar thumb
The joy of being able to write evoked a spirit to join our program and learn.