2012 Results

CAT 21 - Consumer Direct (DM)


serviceplan group gmbh & co. kg (GERMANY)

Santec Video Security, "The Check-in Thief"21-01751-DM

Agency (city): serviceplan, munich

Creative Director(s): Till Diestel, Marc Vosshall

Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Schill

Chief Digital Officer: Friedrich von Zitzewitz

Creative Producer: Florian Panier

Short explanation

A lot of people use social media to tell their friends and followers where they are. The risk of that: If you tell the people where you are, you also tell them where you are not: at your home. Therefore thieves have a good chance to know when to break in. So we have created for Santec Security Systems a thief called Igor Pavic,who obviously checked where celebrities are right now and then he pretended to rob their home. All he left was a nice little thank-you message on the fan-facebooksite of the celebrity and a link to his own microsite, where he posted a picture of himself in front of the celebrities home. In this microsite we also made clear, that with Santec Security Cameras your home would have been safe, even when you are not there.


The goal was to show the advantages of Santec Security Systems in a surprising and entertaining way. The strategy was to show, how risky new media such as Facebook or Twitter can be, and that Santec Security Systems are always the best solution for the households.