2012 Results

CAT 21 - Consumer Direct (DM)



ALS FOUNDATION, "I Have Already Died"21-03702-DM

Agency (city): Publicis Amsterdam / Starcom

Creative Director(s): Marcel Hartog, Jeroen van Zwam

Copywriter(s): Marcel Hartog

Art Director(s): Jeroen van Zwam

Photographer(s): Lukas Göbel

Production Company (& City): In Case of Fire

Agency Producer(s): Marja Borkus, Ron Townsend

Designer: Dave Fransen

Postproduction: Jan Hibma

Director: Olaf van Gerwen

Editors: Kim Hinrichs, Michael Horvers, Condor

Sound studio: Robin Schlösser

Art Buyer: Ron Townsend

Interaction Developer: Kelly Kouw

Technical Designer: Jeroen Hessing

Account: Michiel van der Linden, Marcella van Holten-Beekman

Editor: Francisco Rodriguez Bouzas

PR: Anne-Marie Brouwers, Ingrid Wallisch

Media: George Goudsblom, Starcom Mediavest Group

Media: MBS, Remco Roohe

Short explanation

To make people aware of this unknown disease, cut through the clutter without any budget and raise willingness-to-give, a confrontational strategy was chosen: ALS patients whose campaign statements are aired after they have died.
The participating patients explain when they were diagnosed with ALS , what the disease means and why money is so desperately needed. The fact that their request for a donation is not for themselves, because they have already passed away, is the ultimate proof that ALS is a merciless disease.
Although the ALS Foundation Netherlands has no campaign budget at all and depends on free ad space, donations rose 500%.
• Awareness of ALS rose from 62% to 81%.*
• Willingness-to-give rose from 27% to 40% *
* Market Research, validated, Dutch general audience, age 18+.
More money for scientific research can be expected as the campaign continues, as each of the 9 participating patients loses the fight against ALS.


Increase donations to the ALS Foundation Netherlands (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease or motor neuron disease). ALS is an incurable and deadly disease of the nervous system, that makes your muscles stop one by one. On average patients die within three years after being diagnosed.

I’t s cynical, but this is the main reason why the pharmaceutical industry does not invest in finding a cure. So money is desperately needed.To make people aware of this unknown disease and increase willingness to give, a confrontational strategy was chosen. Participating patients made campaign statements, which are aired after they have died.
Patients suffering from ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease made campaign statements, in which they ask people to join the fight against this merciless disease by making a donation. Not for themselves, because their campaign statements are aired after they have died.
To put this thought-provoking campaign into the right perspective from the start, it was launched on the national news. During the campaign, which ran in various media, TV-shows,magazines and all major newspapers published reports on the campaign featuring participating patients and their loved ones as ambassadors.