2012 Results

CAT 23 - Media Innovation - Traditional Media (MI)



Snickers, "DJ's"23-01631-MI

Agency (city): BBDO Puerto Rico

Creative Director(s): José Antillón

Copywriter(s): Ilia Márquez

Production Company (& City): Boomerang

Agency Producer(s): Chede Caro

Editor: Christopher Díaz

Editor: Ricky Gómez

Media Planner: Guillermo Rodríguez

Account Supervisor: Hecmarilys Ortiz

Account Director: Glorycela Rosado

Short explanation

Everyone knows that hunger can have its horrible consequences. So what happens when the DJ of your favorite radio station is hungry? They screw up the programming.

Throughout the whole day the programming in 37 radio stations suffered the effect of hunger. Every radio host started playing music they would never play in their station, because they were hungry. Right after every radio host’s screw up each station aired a personalized message to clear the confusion. Once the message aired, stations went back to their usual programming


Snickers’ global campaign “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” was already making a statement in TV and other mediums like billboards, ambient, promo and digital. Clearly, is a powerful idea by itself. Therefore, our challenge was to expand this famous campaign to other executions never seen or HEARD before. We wanted to demonstrate the effect hunger can have over the radio.