2012 Results

CAT 23 - Media Innovation - Traditional Media (MI)



The Microloan Foundation, "Pennies for Life"23-03419-MI

Agency (city): DLKW LOWE, London

Creative Director(s): Greg Delaney

Copywriter(s): Richard J Warren

Art Director(s): Paul Hancock

Photographer(s): Oli Kellett

Agency Producer(s): Ally Dean

Executive Creative Directors: Richard Denney & Dave Henderson

Website Design: Jamie Craven & Nick Smith

Animation Production Company: Absolute Post Production

Account Director: Gabrielle Gribbin

Account Planner: Venetia Sturdy

Event Film, Production Company: Rogue

Event Film, Director: The Tubby brothers

Technical Production: Grand Visual

Project Manger: Gidon Z Cohen

Short explanation

The MicroLoan Foundation is a charity that helps women in Africa to set up their own small businesses. Our campaign is called 'Pennies for Life'.
On a digital poster site, we created unfinished portraits of African women, made of pennies.
Then we invited people to complete each picture by texting a donation. As soon as it arrived, the money dropped into place on the screen. Donors got a personal 'thank you' on the poster, and a credit on our microsite. And, from one poster site, in its first weekend, 21 women who had nothing now have their own small businesses.


The MicroLoan Foundation is a responsible and non-profit UK microfinance charity that provides microfinance (small loans of on average £70), business education and ongoing mentoring support to impoverished women in sub-Saharan Africa. This provides them with a "hand-up not a hand out" so they can develop self-sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families, and work their own way out of poverty. 99% of the loans are repaid and then recycled in full to help more women year after year.