2012 Results

CAT 23 - Media Innovation - Traditional Media (MI)


Robert/Boisen & Like-minded (DENMARK)

ANTHON BERG, "The Generous Store"23-03574-MI

Agency (city): Robert/Boisen & Like-minded

Creative Director(s): Michael Robert

Art Director(s): Mark Rif Torbensen/René Sohn Kammersgaard/Anders Kure

Production Company (& City): Gobsmack Productions / Molamil

Agency Producer(s): Christina Erritzøe/Emilie Brandt

Account: Søren Christensen (Strategist)/Mathias Birkvad (Digital Director)/Martin Hörmann (Account Manager)

Graphics: Peter Vojnovic / Morten Grundsøe

Short explanation

For over a century, Generosity has been a crucial part of the DNA of Anthon Berg, Denmark's largest chocolate company. We needed people to rediscover Anthon Berg and the positive effects of being generous.
To reconnect the brand with generosity and inspire people to see the positive effects of being generous Anthon Berg opened the worlds first chocolate store, where you couldn't pay with cash or credit cards - just good deeds. The Pop-up store was only open for a day and it had people queuing up for one and a half hours to make generous promises towards a friend or a loved one on Facebook in return for a box of chocolates.


The Generous Store. No cash or credit cards, just good deeds.