2012 Results

CAT 23 - Media Innovation - Traditional Media (MI)


Mayer McCann Erickson (SLOVAKIA)

Vacuum Cleaner Miele S8 UniQ, "Miele - Tunnel"23-03828-MI

Agency (city): Mayer McCann Erickson (Bratislava)

Creative Director(s): Boris Prexta, Vlado Slivka

Copywriter(s): Juraj Stehlík

Art Director(s): Peter Bruško


Our task was to promote the "monster suction" of the extra powerful Miele S8 vacuum cleaner. We created an online video that shows how the machine can vacuum absolutely everything.
We turned a well-known tunnel in Slovakia into a pipe of the Miele S8. The pipe indeed vacuumed everything – even cars and trucks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnDqKw4nfMI