2012 Results

CAT 23 - Media Innovation - Traditional Media (MI)


Åkestam Holst (SWEDEN)

The Swedish Post , "Celebrity Ceasfire"23-04167-MI

Agency (city): Åkestam Holst, Sweden

Creative Director(s): Andreas Ullenius

Copywriter(s): Tor Lemhag

Art Director(s): Mats Gadestam

Account Director: Jacob Stjärne

Account Manager: Anna Nolendorfs

Planner: Lars Friberg

Short explanation

Prove the power of direct mail as a cost effective means to reach a specific target group. Do it in a way that captures the attention of marketers.


To show how foolish it is to use public media at any cost (even though it would be much better to use direct mail),
we set up an experiment: how much would it cost to arrange a dinner between two enemies if we were not allowed to use direct mail?
We asked two Swedish celebrities (that everyone knew
hated each other) to try to agree on a reconciliation date, by only using public media.


Through newspapers, radio, banners, airplanes, billboards etc they were able to finally become friends; at the cost of €150,000.
 Had they used direct mail they could have achieved the same thing at only 50 cents for a stamp.

The volume of direct mail brokered by media agencies was up 48 % nationwide compared to the same period the year before. It's noteworthy that the increase in sales came from media agencies that typically did not buy direct mail for their client before the campaign. This means that the earnings for the Swedish Post came from new sources thus enabling the market share to grow.
After six months the increase over the year before is still 30% month by month. This means that the attitude towards directmail in media agencies seems to have changed even in the longer perspective.


Postal Service / Direct Mail