2012 Results

CAT 23 - Media Innovation - Traditional Media (MI)



Axe Anarchy / Lynx Atrract, "Breaking News"23-04426-MI

Agency (city): Razorfish London

Creative Director(s): Sean Chambers

Copywriter(s): David Cadjy-Newby

Art Director(s): Damian Simor

Production Company (& City): Sonny London

Agency Producer(s): Nicole Saganice

Group Account Director: Kerry Molloy

Media Agency: Mindshare Europe

Short explanation

We tapped into the established narrative arc of an international news story. But with a
tongue-in-cheek twist: what if the new Anarchy sprays created an epidemic – a wave of
uncontrolled attraction between men and women that spread across the globe?
We created a series of three films that mirrored the arc of an authentic news story, seeded
rumors of the product selling on the black market and used real world stunts to show the
chaos of mutual attraction unfolding.


For the first time ever Axe created a deodorant body spray for men with a complementary
formula for women. They called the new variants 'Anarchy.'
Our challenge was to launch the new for him and for her product to a savvy audience of men and women in the UK and across 15 European markets.