2012 Results

CAT 24 - Media Innovation - Alternative Media (MI)


Leo Burnett Germany (GERMANY)

Aquarium, "Flying Sharks"24-01328-MI

Agency (city): Leo Burnett Frankfurt

Creative Director(s): Hans-Juergen Kaemmerer

Copywriter(s): Benjamin Merkel

Art Director(s): Helge Kniess

Agency Producer(s): Netti Weber, Gabi Sanchez-Palacio

Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Pauli

Account Director: Carolin Boettcher

Short explanation

The best, most impressive way to experience the beauty of the underwater world is in one of the more than 30 Sea Life aquariums worldwide. Recently, one opened in Frankfurt. The problem was that only a few people knew about it. So our task was to stimulate word of mouth and make people aware of Sea Life’s fascinating new offering.

We asked ourselves who the best ambassador for an aquarium would be. Well - the fish themselves of course. By remote control, they flew through the air as elegantly as if in water and transformed public spaces and shopping malls into giant aquariums. So the fish swarmed out to inspire real enthusiasm for visiting Sea Life.

The helium-filled flying objects found their way through the air in a spectacular manner – only with the aid of a remote controlled fin. We used this to let people in shopping centres, underground trains and restaurants become part of the underwater world – a taste of the experience people have when they visit the Sea Life aquarium. The “Flying Sharks” were not only accompanied by branded pilots, but also by promotion teams, which handed out flyers and vouchers with discounted admision fees for the Sealife Aquarium.

The result was heavy press coverage with articles in Germany’s biggest newspapers. The amount of visitors plunging into the underwater world of Sea Life doubled within 4 weeks.