2012 Results

CAT 24 - Media Innovation - Alternative Media (MI)


Markenfilm Crossing GmbH (GERMANY)

Mercedes Benz Viano, "Key to Viano"24-02467-MI

Agency (city): Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Hamburg

Creative Director(s): Arno Lindemann, Bernhard Lukas, Marcus Kremer, Thomas Heyen

Copywriter(s): Teja Fischer, Tobias Schröder

Art Director(s): Moritz Frehse

Production Company (& City): Markenfilm Crossing GmbH, Hamburg

Agency Producer(s): Jascha Oevermann, Gero Quast

Regisseur: Daniel Schmidt (Doku) / Tibor Glage (Content)

Cameraman: Fabian Hothan

Prod. Co. Exec. Producer: Oliver Hack

Prod. Co. Producer: Martin Schön

Motion Graphics & 3D: Liga 01, Hamburg

Visual Effects: freshlabs GbR

Post Production: Markenfilm Crossing GmbH


The agency Lukas Lindemann Rosinski redesigned the subway station in Berlin Friedrichstrasse to create a media installation that blurred the lines between classical OOH advertising and interactive entertainment. Each time a remote car key was operated – no matter which brand of car – the sliding door of a Viano opened on the screen. Different kinds of passengers stepped out of the vehicle: a samba dance group, female body-builders, or a huge robot, every sequence illustrating the roominess of the Viano passenger compartment. With a bit of luck participants captured the film clip showing a liveried chauffeur who invited them on a Viano ride. On location the Mercedes-Benz Vans promotion staff escorted the lucky winner to one of the Viano shuttles already waiting. Instead of taking the tube, the winners continued their journey in exclusive VIP rides to their Berlin destinations.