2012 Results

CAT 24 - Media Innovation - Alternative Media (MI)


hasan & partners Oy (FINLAND)

World Design Capital Helsinki 2012, "Kauko Remotely Controlled Design Café"24-03274-MI

Agency (city): hasan & partners

Creative Director(s): Eka Ruola

Production Company (& City): Perfect Fools

Agency Producer(s): Sivi Uitto , Tämer Mohsen / hasan & partners

Chief Creative Officer / hasan & partners: Ami Hasan

Executive Creative Director/ h&p: Eka Ruola

Executive Creative Director / Perfet fools: Tony Hogqvist

Strategist / h&p: Tobias Wacker

Executive Technical Director/ Perfect fools: Bjorn Kummeneje

Creative lead / h&p: Mick Scheinin & Bruno Ribeiro

Marketing Director / WDCH2012: Laura Aalto

Creative lead / Perfect fools: Magnus Ericsson

Art Director / Perfect fools: Martin Samuelson

Account director / h&p: Barbara Sorsa

Account lead / Perfect fools: Fredrik Heghammar

Producer / Perfect fools: Carlos Naude

Ad assistant / h&p : Minna Lairi

Technical lead / Perfect fools: Bjorn Uppeke

Designer / Perfect fools: Viktor Watterback

Programmers / Perfect fools: Paula Kreuger & Martin Torhage

Producer / Twofatboys: Espen Brekkebråten

Film / Perfect fools: Martin Hammarberg

Photo edition / Perfect fools: Karl Nord

Co Producer / Perfect fools: Patrick Sundberg


World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 wanted to make those not naturally interested in design aware that anything that makes things work better is design, design is everywhere, it affects everyone and anyone can affect it.
At the core of the marketing communication is Kauko - a movable café, Kauko, with design anyone can remotely control in real-time on the web. Chairs, tables etc. move when controlled by the web user. After this, users are directed to share ideas on how to make things work better on the web or using the WDCH mobile application. All of the elements of the campaign (print, outdoor and banners) invited people to try out Kauko.