2012 Results

CAT 25 - Social Networks (BC)


Volontaire (SWEDEN)

Swedish Institute & VisitSweden, "Curators of Sweden"25-01147-BC

Agency (city): Volontaire, Stockholm

Short explanation

In 2011, Sweden became the first country in the world to let go of an official communication channel and hand it over to its citizens. Every week, someone in Sweden is @Sweden: sole ruler of the world's most democratic Twitter account. For seven days, he or she shares their everyday life, private opinions and general reflections creating a picture of Sweden, different to that usually obtained through traditional media. After that, someone else does the same - but differently.


Sweden is a small country with limited resources for grand scale nation branding in terms of marketing. Those who know Sweden is generally positive, though rather rational associations to the country as cold, beautiful nature and democratic. The longer the geographical distances to Sweden, the dimmer the image and perception of the country becomes.

The assignment was to change the stereotypical view of Sweden and instead position Sweden as a progressive country. We set about to prove Sweden's core values that are: Openness, innovation, authenticity and thoughtfulness. The project has a start date but no end date.