2012 Results

CAT 25 - Social Networks (BC)


DDB Tribal Group (GERMANY)

Volkswagen, "Don't Make up and Drive"25-02596-BC

Agency (city): DDB Tribal Berlin

Creative Director(s): Marc Isken, Nils Haseborg

Copywriter(s): Valerie von Meiss

Art Director(s): Lilli Langenheim

Production Company (& City): MR. BOB Films

Agency Producer(s): Susi Schneider

Account Supervisor: Susanne Plümecke

Account Manager: Christina Müller

Editor /Cutter: Sebastian Gross, Pirates´n Paradise

Camera: Michael Schreitel

Set: Croft Company

Producer: Ben Foehr

Production Manager: Hakan Çırak

Director: Milo

Sounddesign: Giesingteam Kai Hoffmann

Speaker: Sanny van Heteren

Artist/ Styling: Nikkie de Jager

Short explanation

The goal of the campaign was to educate female drivers on the dangers of applying make-up while driving. Our idea was to place our message exactly where women spend time thinking about “make-up”: Haul channels (Tutorial videos on Youtube).Thats why we cooperated with one of the best-known make-up artists and entered one of her videos: Nikkie. Her channel has over 190,000 subscribers and her videos have had over 30 million views.

The video began like any other of her videos, narrating as she applies make-up, until she is suddenly flung towards the camera as if she had been in a car accident.

Since going live on Youtube, the video has had over 1,360,000 views, thousands of re-tweets and lots of blog posts. Thousands of comments prove that we’ve really got women thinking that life’s not worth risking – even for the most beautiful make-up.


Volkswagen supports the highest standards for safety on the road. An alarming figure by The Telegraph reported half a million car crashes in the UK are caused by women applying make-up while driving. We believed that it was time to raise awareness of this inconspicuous danger.