2012 Results

CAT 25 - Social Networks (MI)



Bloemen.NL Flowers, "Is this Spam"25-03775-MI

Agency (city): Publicis, Amsterdam

Creative Director(s): Marcel Hartog, Jeroen van Zwam

Copywriter(s): Marcel Hartog, Vanessa Burgmans

Art Director(s): Jeroen van Zwam, Billy Witbraad

Editor: Francisco Rodriguez Bouzas

Short explanation

On their wedding anniversary they found a postcard their with their own wedding photo and a flower suggestion in their mailbox at work. Giving them just enough time to order a bouquet.
Scary? Why? Bloemen.nl received more orders and no complaints. We just saved their arses.


Is this spam? We don’t think so.
It’s amazing what people put online these days. Particularly when it comes to weddings.
With simple search requests we found numerous wedding pictures , dates, names and the grooms work adresses.
Combining these for everyone accessible data enables Dutch online flowershop Bloemen.nl to help out married men.