2012 Results

CAT 27 - Branded Entertainment (BC)


Ogilvy France (FRANCE)

Park Assist, "Pin Ball Park"27-02171-BC

Agency (city): Ogilvy France (Paris)

Creative Director(s): Thierry Chiumino

Copywriter(s): Benjamin Dessagne

Art Director(s): Stephane Santana

Production Company (& City): Moonwalk Films (Paris)

Agency Producer(s): Antoine Bagot

Designer: Jeremie Bouchet, Kevin O'Connor

Film Director: Clement Beauvais

Sound Design: Night Shift, O'Bahamas

Music: Apollo studios

Executive Director: Natalie Heckel

Account Director: Amrita Bourdon

Planner: Hadi Zabad

Marketing Director (Ford France): Bruno Charvet

Manager, Brand Communications Strategies (Ford UK): Christine Blissett

Manager, Creative Services (Ford UK): Usha Raghavachari

Business Director: Fabio Ruffet

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Garbutt

Head of Digital & Branded Content: Frédéric Levron

Agency Sound Producer: Evelyne Callot

Short explanation

The French see Ford as a quiet brand has nothing interesting to offer. We wanted to prove them wrong and show the more unexpected side of Ford by showcasing its remarkable Active Park Assist technology. So we installed a 3-floor high pinball machine over a free parking space programmed to react as pinball bumpers. Hidden cameras then captured some of the worst examples of parking in the world. The worst driver then got a chance to try a Ford equipped with Active Park Assist. YouTube views have so far exceeded 1million.