2012 Results

CAT 27 - Branded Entertainment (BC)


Leo Burnett Company (ITALY)

Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph, "The Beauty of a Second"27-02532-BC

Agency (city): Leo Burnett Co. Srl Milan - Italy

Creative Director(s): Executive Creative Directors: Paolo Dematteis ; Riccardo Robiglio; Web Creative Director Paolo Boccardi

Copywriter(s): Francesco Simonetti: Markus Johansson

Art Director(s): Andrè Gidoin

Short explanation

The Beauty of a Second is an online tribute to celebrate the 190th anniversary of the chronograph’s invention by Nicolas Rieussec, and the luxury Montblanc chronographs named after him.
The Beauty of a Second ‘s challenge people to explore a second and see the fragile beauty that lies inside this small unit of time. We created an online contest www.montblanc-onesecond.com where everyone – professionals, amateurs, cell-phone camera enthusiasts – was invited to enter a one-second-long video.
Online, users could also paste and edit the second-long videos of their choice using a dedicated application containing different music scores. The best one-second video and one-minute playlist (like the dials on a chronograph) both have been selected and awarded by Wim Wenders.


The Beauty of a Second is an international campaign for Montblanc chronographs conceived for the web and a worldwide audience and target. The simple idea was to ask people to create a one-second-long video that celebrate the fragile beauty that lies inside this small unit of time. The user generated video edited together then become the branded content in blogs, news sites and channels like Vimeo, in a in a virtuos circle that makes the project grow by itself.