2012 Results

CAT 27 - Branded Entertainment (BC)



Nike+ Fuelband, "Nike Fuel Station"27-03464-BC

Agency (city): AKQA London

Creative Director(s): Duan Evans (Executive Creative Director), Masaya Nakade

Copywriter(s): Guy Bingley (Senior Copywriter)

Art Director(s): Nick Bastian

Creative Development Director: Andy Hood

Senior Creative Developer: Harald Krefting

Group Account Director: Gareth Nettleton

Senior Account Manager: Sarah Meynell

Associate Programme Director: Daniela Michelon

Group Technical Director: Gareth Scrivens

Associate Project Manager: Luke Ellis

Technical Delivery Manager: Jakes Lamprecht

Senior Software Engineer: Robin Weston

Senior Web Developer: Owain Llewellyn, Maz Porta, Robert Wakeford

Senior QA Analyst: John Owen

Generative Designer/ Art Director: Cedric Keifer (Onformative)

Sound Designer: Jens C. Fischer (Onformative)

Software Developer: Enrico Viola (Onformative)


In January 2012, Nike announced a new product that would turn your life into a sport. The Nike+ FuelBand tracks all your daily activity so you can know more and do more.

Launching Nike+ FuelBand in the UK had two major challenges; the product wasn’t available to buy yet so consumers couldn’t touch, feel and truly experience it; and retail environments can be passive and sedentary - the opposite of the message we wanted to get across.

Our solution was to turn the retail experience into a sport, with a Microsoft Kinect hack. Consumers could immerse themselves in an installation that creates a 3D particle mirror of their body.

The more you move, the more your body turns from red to green. All your activity is recordable, so every move counts. And you can send and share your videos the second you finish recording through a custom iPad web app.

The installation was the centrepiece of London’s new Nike Fuel Station at Boxpark, the first of its kind in the world – and the brand’s flagship for the future of retail for athletes in the digital age.
Consumers made nearly 2,000 videos in the first month, moving more in a store than they’d ever done before. The installation got them hooked on the idea of Nike+ FuelBand, with 93% coming back to buy the product on release.

Many brought friends to Nike Fuel Station to record group videos. They shared their recordings on Facebook and Twitter, driving awareness of Nike’s new space, and bringing to life the vision of a digitally-enabled athlete hub right in the heart of London’s Silicon Roundabout.